Consultant Services

Currently, there are no regulations in place that standardize the cost associated with crime or trauma scene cleanup services. Because of this it is difficult to determine if you are being charged a fair price. We highly recommend getting at least two estimates before settling on a company, doing so can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars! Our consultant service can help you determine if you are being charged fairly for specialized cleaning services by providing that second estimate, providing you the peace of mind that you are not being overcharged.

Our consulting service provides auditing services for home owners, property managers, business owners, and insurance companies. We ensure that our clients are not being overcharged for specialized cleaning services; we have saved our clients up to 50% of your original estimate. We will even do the negotiating on your behalf, ensuring that we will save you the most money possible.

We have years of professional experience cleaning hazardous sites including crime scenes, decomposition, meth labs, hoarding sites, and more. We also have experience training technicians in the proper way to handle and dispose of hazardous materials. California has a lot of strict regulations that must be followed. Safety is our number one priority, we are familiar and strictly follow all safety regulations and best practices concerning Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), safe handling, and safe disposal. We are also knowledgeable about EPA regulations. Our techniques are proven effective and meet all safety regulations. If you are in need of a cleanup consultant service, contact us for an estimate today.