In the last decade, there has been an alarming increase of hoarding cases around the San Francisco Bay Area. There are many support groups around the area that help hoarders and their families. However, there are few professionals that have the expertise and understanding of the sensitive nature of this condition, also known as Disposophobia. At Advance Crime Scene Restoration, we are dedicated to taking the burden off your hands with our hoarding cleanup services.

Upon arrival at the hoarding site, our experienced techs’ first step is to meet with the client and their support team to politely discuss the wants and wishes of the client. The resulting plan typically includes, but is not limited to, sorting personal property into four piles – keeping, selling, donating, and garbage.

Next, we perform extreme cleaning, which discards remaining clutter and lawfully disposes of any hazardous waste. We then disinfect the property, getting rid of toxins, mold and bacteria that may be left over. Lastly, we clean and reorganize the remaining personal property.

We also frequently work with property owners whose previous tenants were hoarders. For this, we offer complete extreme cleaning packages to ensure the residence is ready for selling or renting. Our extreme cleanup package includes complete cleaning and debris removal, disinfecting services, safe removal of biohazardous waste, and much more.

At Advance Crime Scene Removal, we offer recommendations for ongoing support for hoarders and their families, as well as materials to help you on the road to recovery.

If you are in or know someone who is in a hoarding situation, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly and professional staff. Due to the fact that every site is different, it makes it very hard to give an accurate price quote over the phone without viewing the scene first. Once a technician assesses the site, they will provide you with a FREE ESTIMATE.

Our technicians will discuss with you what will be done and the cost of the work. After that, I am positive you will be very satisfied with the quote and our professional work.