Advance Crime Scene Restoration not only specializes in cleaning up crime scenes, but also in other cleaning services as well. We are a very diverse company with technicians with individual skill sets; when these talents come together, we are adaptable to any situation.

One very beneficial reason to hire a crime scene cleaning company for your general cleaning services is that certified crime scene technicians pay very close attention to detail. While other companies may just clean the surface of your issue, we will do a thorough and deep cleansing.

Our general cleaning services include, but are not limited to, trash removal, moving in, moving out, cleaning pet dander, removal of biohazardous waste, and much more. We often provide cleaning services to real estate companies, home owners, apartment building managers, and office managers.

Please see the following list of some of the typical abatement services we provide for Bay Area businesses and residents.

Animal Carcass Removal

Animal Hoarding


Bird Droppings


Foreclosures & Properties

Grow Op Remediation


Meth Lab Remediation

Pet Allergy Cleaning Services & Home Cleaning

Police Services

Rodent Droppings

If you would like a free quote for our abatement services, please do not hesitate to contact us. Due to the fact that every site is different, it makes it very hard to give an accurate price quote over the phone without viewing the scene first. Once a technician assesses the site, they will provide you with a FREE ESTIMATE.

Our technicians will discuss with you what will be done and the cost of the work. After that, I am positive you will be very satisfied with the quote and our professional work.